The field of application of the Profarma Srl quality system is represented by the carrying out of drug import and marketing activities.

The management has identified as interested parties in the activities carried out under the quality management system the healthcare clients, employees, drug suppliers, legislation on drug imports, patients subject to drug administration, control bodies of the Ministry of Health.

Profarma Srl sets as a priority objective in its policy the full satisfaction of the needs of its customers and compliance with the safety standards that the organization includes in its activities, constitutes the foundation of its operational and management strategies for the entire company.

The organization undertakes to work so that its activities are of advantage to the parties interested in drug import activities in full compliance with the provisions of the law.

Therefore, the company is committed to ensuring that the development of its activities is sustainable and compatible with the environment that hosts them, is carried out in such a way as to limit the risks to the safety of workers, and can create opportunities for the inhabitants, collaborators and ownership and is oriented towards continuous improvement of activities, to guarantee the safety requirements of the products produced, maintaining the right balance between social and environmental responsibility, safeguarding workers’ health and economic

To this end, it identifies the creation and development of a Quality Management System as the most appropriate means to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of its services.

The essential requirements underlying its Quality Management System are the following:

The company’s management is directly, continuously and permanently involved in the management of the quality system, which ensures the availability of the resources necessary for correct application and stimulates the active participation of all employees so that they contribute to the effectiveness and continuous improvement of the quality management system

Guarantee and update information relating to aspects linked to customer satisfaction and indicators relating to the services provided by the organisation;

Raise awareness and qualify all staff through specific training and training programs aimed at continuously improving their skills and making them aware of the legislation relating to the importation of medicines;

In the implementation of the Quality Management System, the process approach and risk analysis are key elements of the Quality management system,

The commitment to satisfying the explicit and implicit requirements of clients and interested parties and to continuous improvement;

Full compliance of the integrated management system with the reference standard UNI EN ISO 9001 (2015 edition) and with the regulations relating to the importation of medicines.

To implement this program, a series of indices and indicators capable of monitoring all the main company processes have been identified.

In particular for the class of processes identified, the main objectives of our work are reported here. Organization in summary:

Increase turnover;

Respect delivery times

Reduce the incidence of non-conformities notified to suppliers;

Reduce the incidence of complaints and non-compliance

Increase the number of imported drugs

Increase the number of health facilities requiring drugs

The determination of the objectives, the planning of their achievement and the related verification take place during the review of the Quality Management System.

The Quality Management System of Profarma Srl complies with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard (2015 edition). The company management is committed to disseminating and making the Quality Policy known to all levels of personnel involved and making it available to interested parties.